febrero 9, 2009

Cocina con los dos

Posted in el Ken a 9:26 pm por Pequeñito

In a land far far away a long time ago lived la Pequeña together with el pequeño. They liked to do things together and turned out that one of those things was coocking and eating.

Once on a lazy day they got up very late. Since they where both hungry el Pequeño offered to make some food, something that they had not eaten before. La Pequeña was very enthousiast with this proposal, because she likes to try new things and new food. So el Pequeño began making the brunch. You want to know what it looked like? It was something like this:


Off course they also needed to drink. This posed to be a big problem, but then a sudden flash of knowledge came to them: “Use vanila ice to make banana milkshake and eat it together with the pancaces!” and so it happened.


La petite and el Pequeño where very happy with this brunch and ate it with a lot of taste. After their bellys where completely full they tried to eate one more pancake and then took a little siesta to enjoy some time together.

They loved eachother a lot.

(to be continued)


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  1. oria said,

    Que buena pinta tiene todo!

  2. Y no sólo la pinta. Está todo riquísimo 😀

    Congratulations, Pequeño, this is your first post 🙂

  3. Isita said,

    You´re very lucky, baby!! Con lo golosa que soy, se me ha abierto el apetito. Aunque para decirlo todo, la semana pasada mi marido – que casi no sabe hacer un huevo frito – me hizo crepes. El truco: la masa es de esas que viene medio preparada, pero estaban buenísimos.
    ¡¡Vivan los hombres a los que no les da miedo una sartén!!

  4. Liryel said,

    Uoho, qué rico!! Felicidades, Pequeño, that’s how it has to be. Take care about our little Petite, for all we know she’ll pass victorious through all the evil at the Slaver Land, but every hero(ine) needs some cake’n’cuddles 😉

  5. arroaz said,

    LOL! Funny post.

    It all looks yummy.

    I’m still digesting my dinner, so it’s OK. If I weren’t, I’d be really really hungry. I swear!

    (Actually, I was thinking of pancakes this afternoon…)

  6. quierodormir said,

    Good starting!
    If they are sweet, the pancakes are one of my favourite asturian dessert. Only with sugar.
    We call them “frixuelos”.

  7. Ainhoa said,

    Pues yo hice crepes el viernes por primera vez, antes siempre las hacía mi Ken 😉 y estaban muy buenas asi que repetiré.
    El cansancio yo creo que es la edad y este tiempo gris, necesitamos luminoterapia.
    Y olé por la respuesta respecto a las horas extras. Yo antes las hacía sin rechistar, ahora tengo otras prioridades. Flexibilidad sí, pero por ambos lados.
    So pequeño wrote the post? I thought you had switched to English!!!

  8. No, it was him who wrote it 😀

    Era graciosa ayer la estampa, ayer los dos sentados en la cama, cada uno con su portátil sobre las piernas. Él intentando retocar su post sobre los pancakes y yo quejándome una vez más. Y escribiendo en el mismo blog!

    Por cierto, la idea inicial era que yo tradujera el post y dejara las dos versiones (inglés y castellano) pero por lo que veo, aquí no hay problemas con el inglés. Pero si alguien necesita la traducción, que avise, que lo hago encantada.

  9. Eleder said,

    Congratulations, pequeño, for both the post and the cooking! 😀

  10. dragonfly said,

    Jaja me ha encantado

    Me preguntaba si tu chico leería el blog, ya veo que si, y no solo te lee sino que escribe

    Me ha parecido un post tan tan tan dulce

    Un abrazo

  11. lifestraveller said,

    They loved each other a lot??? Lol…Pequeño, pequeño, you should let rest Petite 😛 😛 (or maybe she should let you rest)….anyway…welcome to the blog and damn, you made me hungry now… 😛

  12. lifestraveller said,

    So hungry, than now I MUST go down to the whatever-machine with sweet things and go take sometthing as my dinner, or whatever it is what I’ll have at this time…


    (i’d prefer pancakes though)

  13. Lifey, eres una malpensada! 😛

  14. L. said,

    I’m still laughing!!! Everybody is looking at me in our cramped office, I’m wondering why… Maybe, they think I’m going crazy.

    Anyway, congrats for your first post, Peque!

  15. Pequeñito said,

    I’m with la Pequeña regarding lifestravler 😉

    And now i see the pancakes, i want to make them again…

    For everybody that likes them: they are not so hard to make, but i don’t know the exact quantities. This is because it is a recipy from my mum and she explains it with: “and now you add this untill you feel it’s right…”

    thanks for all the congratiolations and thank you guys (and girls) for taking the trouble to read an english post.

    I’m afraid that by my next post i will not already have learned enough spannish to do that one in spannish

  16. lifestraveller said,

    Lol. Malpensada, yo??? 😛 😛

    Oh, so you use the international system of measurement when cooking…i see…A little of this, a little more of this other thing….mmmm…..but what happened with ppl that MUST have exact quantities?? I need a basis to work from! Oh, ok, I guess I can try 😛

    And don’t worry for writing in English, Pequeño, as for me, this way I can practice my English, cause I’ve realized i’ve forgotten most part of it and it’s a shame! And before I used to have a blog in English and used to rant (like now) as usual….

    But in any case, I encourage you to write in the future in Spanish, and I also encourage la Petite so write some things in dutch!! 😉


  17. arroaz said,

    Ja, ja. Ik ben het er ook mee eens! La petite moet ook op Nederlands schrijven.
    Spaans verboden!

  18. lifestraveller said,

    Ja, ja 😀 Ik ben met jou arroaz 😀 😀 Spaans verboden!!

  19. Fer said,

    Yummy! Although I love every sweet meal (including pancakes with vanilla milkshake), I do prefer the typical Belgian waffles!
    So, if you two could -pleeease!- teach us how to prepare those waffles (at least, give us the recipe!), we’d be really pleased. Really.
    Congratulations for the post, Pequeño, and don’t be worried about writing in English.

  20. Neeeeeeeee!!!!! Ik wil Spaans schriven! Dit is mijn blog 😀

  21. Fer, paciencia, que lo de los Waffels vendrá, que sé de cierta personita que tiene un draft por algún lado sobre el tema 😛

  22. L. said,

    Y ahora en español (tendrás que traducir, Petite):

    Según mi padre, el sistema de medidas oficial de las madres incluye términos como: pizquita, poquito y “puñao”. Evidentemente, estoy no hay manera de traducirlo al inglés.

    Lo mismo sucede con el sistema de posicionamiento materno o radar materno, con expresiones que van desde el “está ahí, al lado de eso otro”, hasta el “está donde siempre”, pasando por el famosísimo “a ver si voy a tener que ir yo a buscarlo”.


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